Having seen this show before I was excited to take my mum and brother to also see it, as I absolutely loved it. This experience, however, was completely different from my first. I saw Ross Hunter as Elder Price (as I had before), but this time I was seeing Alexia Khadime as Nabulungi. The show was great as always, but I can’t help thinking that it was somewhat lacking in energy and pace. The audience were not as responsive as the first time I saw it, which is obviously a major contribution to any show, especially The Book of Mormon. I still laughed in the same places, and I noticed other things that I had previously missed, but the diction throughout was undoubtably *almost* bad. Words and important jokes were missed and I lost count the amount of times my mum turned round and asked me what they had just said. I was a little disappointed, only because I had such a high opinion of it beforehand.

Ross Hunter and Brian Sears’s chemistry was great, and their rendition of ‘I Am Here For You’ was simply hilarious. Another highlight was ‘Baptize Me’ (which has got to be one of my favourite numbers in the show), the comical timing was just en pointe and had the entire audience giggling.

I’m really glad that I saw it again, and more importantly, that my mum and brother got to see it too. It was right up my brother’s street and he was laughing the whole way through. The fine line the show walks shocked my mum for sure, but she also enjoyed it. Not as much as Memphis though, as she kept on reminding me, the entire way home.


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