I was really excited to see Matilda as I had heard great things and the story was definitely a favourite growing up. My first impression of the stage was one of amazement, the set was super impressive and it just added to my excitement. I sat right at the very top of the theatre on the very edge (with some rather annoying neighbours with some very bad theatre etiquette), but this did still not hinder the performance.

From the very first number I was mesmerised by the sharpness of the choreography and the wonderful use of space. For me, the most impressive number was “When I Grow Up”, the use of swings was really exciting and fitted the scene perfectly.

Evie Hone as Matilda was simply fantastic, she really captured the role and I was thoroughly impressed, she complimented the rest of the cast wonderfully and added further depth to the character.

The only negative comment I really have was the lacking diction in some of the songs, if you know the lyrics beforehand then it’s fine, but as someone who did not know all the lyrics some were lost and this impacted the performance somewhat.

The whole performance was wonderfully impressive and I would encourage anyone who has not seen it to go now!


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