This was my first time seeing Miss Saigon and I was really excited for it! I set my alarm for 5am and jumped on a train, and arriving in London for 7:30, I jumped into the day seat queue for the show. – For a guy queueing behind me it was his 63rd time or something – insane! 10am rolls around and I get front row stalls (despite being quite far back in the queue), I was thrilled! 5 hours later (while waiting in The Theatre Cafe on Shaftesbury Avenue, of course!) and it’s finally time to see the show.

I had previously tried to listen to the soundtrack to the show but was really not a fan, I put this down to not knowing the plot – and of course not having the visual effects in front of me. The curtain went up and after the first number I was really impressed (and I couldn’t believe I had managed to go without seeing it for so long!) I saw Jon Jon Briones as The Engineer, and then understudies for the roles of Kim, Chris and John (Sooha Kim, Richard Carson, and Aaron Lee Lambert respectively.) I was super impressed with the cast, Sooha Kim as Kim was extraordinary and moved me to tears more than once! The whole performance was really spectacular and very well done. My favourite numbers included Marsha Songcome’s emotional performance of ‘The Movie in my Mind’ as Gigi, and ‘The American Dream’ with The Engineer and Company.

I have a few words to describe my first Miss Saigon experience: grim, horrific, and tearful. I mean it was amazing, but I literally had no idea of the plot which made it so shocking and even more emotional. I would definitely see this show again, either touring or West End. Go if you can, before the run at the Prince Edward Theatre ends.


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