This was my first time at The Royal Opera House in London and WOW. The building is so beautiful that it was an experience in itself. I treated my Mum to tickets to see La Traviata, an opera which we both wanted to see, but we also wanted to experience an opera at THE place to see it.

Here’s a basic plot to La Traviata: When Alfredo Vermont tells the beautiful courtesan Violetta that he loves her, she feels that a new and happy life can begin. But can their relationship survive the disapproval of Alfredo’s father, and the relentless progress of Violetta’s tuberculosis? -Yes, it is as depressing as it sounds.

I absolutely loved this performance of La Traviata, with Venera Gimadieva making her Royal Opera House debut as Violetta this is a must see for anyone. I was enthralled from the beginning, from the intricate set and costume to the talent before me, it was an experience I will never forget. From start to finish the story was interesting and easy to follow (which can sometimes be difficult with opera, I find), there were subtitles provided which definitely helped, but the emotion from the singers really put over the story also.

By the end of it, my mum and I were emotionally drained, the one thing we were most impressed with was the fact that no one on stage was using a microphone, obviously when trained properly this was not necessary, but to fill a space as large as The Royal Opera House we were simply in awe. Overall it was an amazing experience that I am not likely to forget, I bow down to the talent before me.


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