It’s London, 1937, and recently widowed eccentric, Laura Henderson, is looking for a way of spending her time and money when her attention falls on a run-down former cinema in Great Windmill Street. Hiring feisty impresario Vivian Van Damm to look after the newly renovated Windmill Theatre, the improbable duo present a bill of non-stop variety acts. But as war looms something more is required to boost morale and box office… When Mrs Henderson comes up with the idea of The Windmill Girls – glamorous young women posing as nude statues – audiences flock. And as the Blitz hits London, The Windmill provides a refuge for all, boasting the spirit-raising slogan “We Never Close”. (

Having read quite a few reviews since the show’s press night on 16th February (I saw the show in previews) I must admit that I was a little disappointed with the established publicity the show was getting. I felt the show was body positive and empowering, but the blatant misogyny some writers felt was ill-placed in the 21st century theatre scene. All that aside, I thoroughly enjoyed the performance!

The music was fresh and exciting and I am looking forward to buying the soundtrack, a particular stand out was Emma Williams’ ‘If Mountains Were Easy to Climb’. Having not seen the film, the whole thing felt exciting and interesting, there were predictable moments within the plot, but there were also plenty of surprises. There were a few moments I didn’t like, particularly Jamie Foreman’s Arthur, obviously with the show being set during WWII the jokes would go with the time, but some felt a little inaccessible; and the character in general felt like a filler for scene changes. The stand out for me was Emma Williams, her voice is breathtaking and her portrayal of the character was witty and enchanting.

I thoroughly enjoyed this performance and would go a second time in the future if the opportunity arose. I have a feeling ‘If Mountains Were Easy to Climb’ will be my new shower-song…

Don’t miss out on this great show, get your tickets from Box Office here:



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