When it was announced that Rachel John would be joining the touring cast of The Bodyguard as Nicki Marron, my friend and I rushed to get tickets. Anyone who reads my blog or knows me at all, knows that Rachel John is one of my favourite stage performers. After seeing her perform as Felicia in Memphis at the Shaftesbury Theatre I was in awe of her talent (she is mentioned in my favourite performances of all time – obviously!) The run at our local touring theatre (The Marlowe Theatre) was virtually sold out but we snagged some seats in the upper circle slips (the cheap seats), we thought it was better than nothing.

The curtain rose to a very cheesy video montage and then Rachel John entered the stage, and my friend and I looked at each other with a knowing excitement of what the audience was going to witness. Rachel John sounded phenomenal as always, her voice is simply stunning, Whitney Houston would be proud! But unfortunately, this is where the positives stop. We knew when we booked the show that we were only really going to see Rachel John perform again, and that we would otherwise not be interested in seeing The Bodyguard, but I think we were hoping to be proved wrong. The show was predictable (and not just because it is a film adaptation) and boring; the dance numbers seemed under-rehearsed and not as tight as it should be; and the overall corniness was overplayed and disappointing. The whole thing felt lack lustre and cheap. The only good part for me was Rachel John, and I would have preferred it as a concert performance of just her to be honest.

The overall response from the audience was amazing, they seemed to love it! With one audience member saying it was the best thing they had ever seen, and another following the tour around the country! Unfortunately, I was left unimpressed but relieved that I hadn’t spent too much money on tickets.


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