When going to the theatre it’s important to carry certain items incase of emergency. This is especially necessary if you’re waiting in a day seat queue for an extended amount of time  for tickets. So I’ve compiled a list of everything that is in my bag for a theatre day out!

  1. Water – stay hydrated! There’s nothing worse than the dreaded mid-show coughing fit.
  2. A cardigan or extra jumper. Wear layers, the British weather is unpredictable to say the least, I always carry a cardigan or extra jumper just in case I get cold.
  3. Waterproofs! Again with the British weather – you never know what it’s going to do. Carry an umbrella or foldaway rain mac just in case!
  4. Money. This may be a fairly obvious one but a lot of theatres have a cash only policy for day seat tickets. If you’re like me and you rarely carry cash on you then remember to take some with you.
  5. Mobile phone. Whether you’re on your own or waiting for people, a mobile phone is great to have. You can play music and scroll inanely through twitter to make the time pass quickly. (A playlist of musical theatre songs is especially recommended)
  6. Playing cards. My friend and I always play cards while waiting for a show to start, it helps the time pass quickly and it’s always good fun.
  7. A pen! If you’re going to wait at the stage door in the hopes of meeting the cast a pen always comes in handy for autographs. A sharpie (or even a silver sharpie if you’re really dedicated) is a great way to go to show up on programmes.
  8. Paracetamol or other painkillers. If you’re prone to headaches like I am then painkillers are definitely a must have in your bag. Nothing can ruin a theatre trip like a headache that won’t budge.
  9. Hand sanitiser. I like to have clean hands, just putting it out there. Hand sanitiser is a must for me as it’s so convenient. London can be a dirty place, especially on the tube, hand sanitiser is always a life saver for me!
  10. Coffee or a hot beverage. This obviously isn’t in my bag as that would be extremely messy, but taking a hot drink will definitely improve your spirits as waiting in the day seat queue can be long and tedious, especially on a cold winter’s morning. Keep warm with a hot drink and you’ll feel so much better (especially as they double up as a hand heater!)

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