This was my fourth time seeing The Book of Mormon – safe to say it is one of my favourite shows currently playing on the West End. It was actually pure luck that I got to see this performance however as my plans fell through and I was left without anything to see for a matinee performance, so my friend and I decided to enter the lottery for the performance – and we won!

This was my first time seeing the performance since the cast change at the beginning of February 2016 so I was looking forward to plenty of new performances and a fresh take on the show and I was definitely not left disappointed.

KJ Hippensteel as Elder Price was brilliant and really gave the role a fresh take with his great comedic timing. Having only seen Brian Sears in the role of Elder Cunningham previously, I was really excited to see someone else in the part. David O’Reilly was fabulous and really made the most of his performance, he gave different inflections and got laughs in different places which was really refreshing to see. His dancing and body shaking was absolutely hilarious, and some moments were significantly more deadpan than other performances I have seen which was really nice to see. Dean Maynard as Joseph Smith also made his part his own to an extent which I had not previously seen, the highlight being when he calls Price a ‘dick’ which was said with utter sass and scorn.

Overall this was probably my favourite performance of the absolute classic so far.


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