Titanic the Musical happens to be one of the first musicals that I was involved with as a kid, I played the Bell Boy in a local production in my area and I have been besotted with it ever since. Performing such an emotional musical took it’s toll every night and when I found out that it was coming to the Charing Cross Theatre I leapt at the chance to get tickets. Let’s just say that watching it live is definitely as emotional – if not more emotional – than performing it!

As soon as the overture started I grabbed my tissues! Despite everyone obviously knowing the plot beforehand, this in no way reduces the emotional leverage of the score and script. I was bowled over by this production of one of my all-time favourites. The simple yet effective staging made the most of the small space of the Charing Cross Theatre, with staircase ladders being moved around the stage for different purposes throughout. This was especially effective during the moment when the iceberg was spotted, as it brought the actors into the foreground and made the scene even more powerful.

The cast was very dynamic and worked well together, particular favourites of mine were Claire Machin as Alice Beane and Scott Cripps as Murdoch. Standout numbers included ‘Lady’s Maid’ where the third class passengers dream of new lives in America and how they aspire to better themselves. Another standout for me was ‘We’ll Meet Tomorrow’; the emotion between the characters of the inevitability of their fate was deeply moving and I pretty much got through a whole packet of tissues just from this number.

This outstanding production of Titanic is a must-see for anyone. I urge you to go while you can (and to take several packs of tissues with you!).



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