Biting Block Theatre‘s exciting and intense new thriller ‘Catching Up‘ offers a fresh insight into the world of the 21st Century woman. The story follows a catch-up between university friends Becka and Flo as they learn new truths about each other and discover they’re not who they thought they were. Through the unravelling of their friendship, ‘Catching Up‘ explores turbulent relationships between friends as well as the imposing question for women to choose between a career and motherhood.

The emotionally charged performance led by ArtsEd graduates Emily Schofield and Octavia Gilmore was gripping from start to finish. The dramatic plot included new twists and turns which could never be expected, which left the audience enthralled to see what would happen next. The piece is not short of heartbreaking drama, as the plot unravels, the audience and actors are pushed into an emotional realm as morals and human nature are tested.

Schofield gave an empathetic performance as Flo as she dealt with new situations and battled to convince her friend to see her side of the story. Gilmore’s powerful and emotional performance as Becka was wholly believable as she coped with new incriminating information about a friend she thought she knew. The two worked incredibly well off each other which further pushed the believability of an otherwise surprising plot. The staging was minimal which worked well within the space as it gave the impression of a homely feel without there being too much distraction for the actors or audience.

Overall this was a very strong piece of theatre which can only get better with further exploration of character in front of an audience. Some further development to the script may be necessary to increase continuity although, otherwise, I was very impressed with this performance.

See ‘Catching Up‘ at the Ectetera Theatre in Camden on 30th July 2016 or at the Edinburgh Fringe from 6th-19th August, get your free tickets here for the Fringe.



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