Foreword: The Art of the Teese is renowned burlesque performer Dita Von Teese’s latest striptease performance. Credited for aiding in the revival of burlesque performance, Von Teese’s show exhibits the most talented entertainers in the business. I had always wanted to see a burlesque performance so as soon as I saw the opportunity to see the Queen of burlesque herself, I jumped at the chance. I attended a sold out performance filled with an array of different people who were definitely all as excited as I was.


The MC for the show was comedian and entertainer Murray Hill who certainly got the audience warmed up and excited for the show. The comedic light relief was welcomed to break up each burlesque performance. Hill oozed confidence and charm and was just as blown away by the entertainers as the audience was, frequently saying ‘holy shit’ after each performance – exactly what the rest of us were thinking.

The costumes for the show were on a different level, with Swarovski crystals left, right, and centre, the performance was certainly expensive. As each layer came off, it revealed yet more crystal embellishments – until there were none. The famous Martini glass of course made an appearance as Von Teese’s opening act which had the audience screaming and cheering; Von Teese’s coy smile only adding to the theatricality of the slow striptease. Other acts included the Heart Show, created by Von Teese in 2003; a performance including many locked safes containing pieces of Swarovski coated jewellery; a Swan Lake inspired piece; and a Western. The show certainly did not lack diversity, with many different women gracing the stage.

The performance definitely did not lack theatricality, with the act of the striptease being elaborate and drawn out until the last minute; as well as many different scenes and circumstances demonstrating the complexity and allure of burlesque.


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