Heathers the Musical by Carleton Musical Theatre Society tells the story of the hit 1988 film “Heathers”, depicting themes of teenage angst, suicide, and high school cliques. Heathers the Musical has been on my radar forever, but I never had the opportunity to see it before now, colour me stoked. I am a massive fan of the film so I can’t wait to hear the music and see how it was adapted for the stage.


The plot follows heroine Veronica Sawyer as she befriends the three Heathers, the most popular girls in school who are above everyone else. As Veronica realises her new friends are not what she first thought, she teams up with the the mysterious new kid as he plots to rid the school of its tormentors.

The stage featured a platform in a first, second, third place tier system on which the Heathers were placed in order of hierarchy, this simple device was very effective in portraying its meaning throughout the production as each of the Heathers gained notoriety. Despite a few technical difficulties, the  intention of the artistic director was evident on stage as the ensemble navigated an obvious high school themed set with successful staging and choreography.

The cast were incredible and worked together in complete harmony, with each of the three Heathers being completely awful in their own way and Veronica Sawyer with a jaw dropping voice and talent. Particular highlights of the performance included “Candy Store”, “Dead Girl Walking”, and “Seventeen”. The performance was a joy to watch with an incredibly witty book reminiscent of the film and punchy and dynamic music and lyrics.

Heathers the Musical has easily climbed its way into one of my favourite musicals… and I may or may not be listening to the soundtrack as I write this. Carleton Musical Theatre Society provides a brilliant performance of what is a very challenging musical. From the staging to the casting, I applaud this performance. How very.


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