Gauthier Dance is a dance company created by Eric Gauthier, a choreographer, dancer, and musician. Having dipped my toes in dance performance before, I was excited to see something new, especially when I learned that ballet was involved. The young company originates in Germany and is now touring.


The performance comprises five performances, with five different individual choreographers creating one piece described as “a five course meal”. Each course provided something different, the first being Ballet 101, “a ‘crash course’ in classical ballet”, choreographed by Eric Gauthier. Ballet 101 was a piece which demonstrated the first basic five positions of ballet, expanding that to 100 positions with comedic value, following this, a voice boomed over the stage giving numbers at random which created a new choreographed piece for the dancers to keep up with. It was exhilarating and fast paced, an exciting introduction and first course to the rest of the performance.

The second piece titled Now and Now explores a romantic relationship between two people. With choreography by Johan Inger.  It was very interpretive and interesting to watch as the two dancers moved around the space while exploring the other, coming together and entwining themselves in each other as well as having moments of complete separation. The piece considered the different stages of relationships from immediate lust and longing to estrangement.

Pacopepepluto acted as the third course to the show, choreographed by Alejandro Cerrudo. With comedic musical elements, the performance is basically 3 men dancing naked around the stage. The piece explores how people behave differently when observed compared to when we are alone, as the dancers perform as if no one is watching, making the piece internal rather than specifically for the audience

The fourth course was Streams, choreographed by Andonis Foniadakis, this longer piece was an explosion of sound and movement. With each of the dancers in nude colours, it accentuated their bodies and made them a single moving body, rather than individuals, mimicking moving water. The piece incredibly powerful and high energy with “no beginning and no end”. Following this piece was an intermission where the whole audience was buzzing from the first act.

The final course, the dessert, was Cantata. A vibrant and rich performance with live and “traditional music from Southern Italy”, the finale piece truly depicted the expression, life, and movement in Italian culture. Dance and music become one as the performers transform the space.

Overall, I loved this performance. Each individual course provided something different and new. The energy was electric, I would love to see more from this company!


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