From creepy cartoons, a twisted TV show, a couple of morbid movies, finally to a macabre musical, The Addams Family are a household name. Created by cartoonist Charles Addams, the Addams are the pinnacle of eccentric families. The Addams Family has music and lyrics by Andrew Lippa and book by Marshall Brickman and Rick Elice. The production was first seen on Broadway in 2010, following this came several tours all over the world, and now it has finally come to the UK.

The cast of THE ADDAMS FAMILY. Credit Matt Martin (2)
The Cast of The Addams Family. Photo credit for both images: Matt Martin

The Addams Family musical is somewhat different to the original TV series and movies. Wednesday Addams is 18 years old and all grown up… and in love. The family must come to terms with this invasion of ‘normal’ into their gloomy lives as the Beineke’s inject some colour to the darkness, while also bringing their own problems to the table. All we know, love survives either way we choose.

Cameron Blakely is charismatic and crazy as Gomez Addams who is desperately trying to keep his family from falling apart. His rendition of “Happy Sad” was the most heartfelt and poignant moment of the show. Opposite him is Samantha Womack as the glamorous Morticia, Womack provides just enough to make Morticia seem completely effortless, she glides across the stage and seems completely at home as the macabre matriarch. The couple together exhibit ultimate passion and romance during the long awaited “Tango De Amor”. Uncle Fester played by Les Dennis acts as the voice of reason throughout the show, the comedian provides just the right amount of zest to keep the action flowing.

The young lovers Wednesday and Lucas are played by Carrie Hope Fletcher and Oliver Ormson respectively, their passion and darkness intermingles as they learn that they are each as crazy as the other. Fletcher’s straight faced approach makes Wednesday’s teenage woes even more funny as she questions why she’s being pulled in a new direction. The wonderful operatic voice of Charlotte Page is a joy as Lucas’ mother Alice Beineke, especially in “Waiting” as Alice lets rip about the problems with her marriage. Opposite her is Dale Rapley as the banal Mal who learns from the Addams how to keep his family together. Dickon Gough provides great laughs as the slow moving butler Lurch, with Grant McIntyre as the troublesome Pugsley and Valda Aviks as the demented Grandma Addams.

Matthew White’s direction takes the classic family and provides a moving and emotional story which is relatable to all, with many added laughs and tears along the way. White places emphasis on the families needing to learn something from each other in order to succeed and come together. The production design provides the perfect backdrop for the bizarre family with the dark and disheveled Addams mansion being host for all manner of creepy nasties and monsters under the bed.

Let the kooky clan bring some poison to your day, this musical comedy is ghoulish and prepossessing at the same time. Catch the UK tour in a venue near you until 4th November 2017.


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