The Wedding Singer is a fabulously fun musical based on the 1997 movie of the same name starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore.

Set in 1985, the musical follows the story of wedding singer Robbie Hart who loses his passion for weddings after being jilted by his fiancé. Robbie finds himself back on his feet after striking up a friendship with waitress Julia, engaged to the slimy, highflying Wall Street banker Glen. The show is full of laughs and foot-tapping music.

Jon Robyns plays the heroic lead Robbie Hart. Robyns provides just the right amount of cheesy charisma to keep the show afloat. He carries the whole production extremely well – and to be honest, without him, the show would be lacking in soul. Opposite Robyns is love interest Julia played by Cassie Compton. The role is the typical love interest but in this case it is only two dimensional, and unfortunately Compton does nothing to breathe life into the character; it is simply played as it says on the tin. Ray Quinn is the perfect salacious Wall Street scumbag, the antihero in the plot.

Nick Winston directs and choreographs the show. The intent of the musical is there, but something is unfortunately missing in this production. Whether it is the insufficient ensemble members to really make an impact in the big dance numbers or the lack of momentum in the dialogue, this show is just missing the mark of what should be an outrageous and fun 80s musical. Highlights of the show were the number ‘Single’, where the male members of the cast sing in a bar about the freedom of being single and not having to answer to anyone. Also Robyns gives a brilliant rendition of the notable song “Somebody Kill Me” penned by Adam Sandler for the original film.

What should be a laugh-a-minute show lacks originality and perseverance from its cast and director. Robyns is the glue which holds it together just enough to make it still slightly charming.

Catch The Wedding Singer at a venue near you until 7th October 2017.


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