War Horse is an iconic piece of theatre based on the 1982 hit novel of the same name by Michael Morpurgo, with the play adapted by Nick Stafford. The show celebrated its 10 year anniversary at the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury on 3rd October 2017 where it premiers its tour; The National Theatre present this outstanding performance following a West End run along with many world-wide tours.

War Horse is an incredibly moving story following Albert and his horse Joey as they are forced apart and have to find each other again. Set during the First World War, War Horse tugs at your heartstrings as the power of friendship and determination prevails.

Joey and Topthorn – Photo credit for both images: Brinkhoff/Mogenburg

I was thrilled to see War Horse as I had missed its run in London and was eager to experience the hype surrounding it. I was not disappointed; War Horse captures its audience and opens them up to experience an emotional and exquisite story alongside powerfully moving and beautiful puppetry as the horses are brought to life in front of you. Everything about this show is captivating, from Marianne Elliott and Tom Morris’ marvellous direction to the vibrant and contrasting lighting by Paule Constable. The whole performance makes you feel honoured to be an audience member; witnessing and experiencing the well-loved children’s novel transformed for the stage in such a superb way.

The horses Joey and Topthorn are incredibly life-like puppets designed and fabricated by Handspring Puppet Company. They move with such elegance and complexity that you get lost in the performance and believe them to be real; I applaud their puppeteers. Albert Narracott is played by Thomas Dennis who shows the utmost compassion and determination throughout his performance as he portrays Albert’s desperation and dedication to be reunited with his horse. Another mention has to go to Billy Irving and his performance as the Goose which got a laugh every time from the audience.

War Horse is a dazzling, unmissable piece of theatre which is completely moving and inspiring. The hit show starts its UK Tour at the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury and returns for more performances at the Marlowe from Wednesday 27th February to Saturday 16th March 2019. Tickets go on sale to Marlowe Friends on Tuesday 3rd October, and the general public on Tuesday 17th October.


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