I have been extremely fortunate to see some wonderful theatre in 2017. From starting my year in New York seeing Waitress on Broadway; to seeing a variety of theatre in Canada which I would never otherwise have the opportunity to see; to experiencing my first Edinburgh Festival Fringe; to ballet and opera; and finally, the fabulous West End.

My favourite shows of 2017 are as follows:

5. Buzz: A New Musical was an incredible feminist musical about the history of the vibrator and a woman’s quest to love herself at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. I loved this musical and thought it was beautifully done, witty and clever whilst also being really touching and inspiring. I left feeling empowered and that I could take on the world. I’d love to see this show again!

4. Showstopper! The Improvised MusicalI saw this show around 5 times at the Fringe. I loved it’s diversity and how clever and quick it was. I cried with laughter and always left the venue feeling uplifted. The late night show was especially great as the performers did not have to censor themselves. Showstopper! is always so utterly impressive.

3. 42nd Street – as I said in my review ‘42nd Street is an eruption of movement’. I was blown away with the tapping and the extensive choreography. From the moment the curtain rises I was blown away by the talent. It’s a real feel-good show that left me grinning.

2. Hamilton was always going to be a standout. From first hearing the cast album I was hooked and after bagging tickets in January 2016, I only had 11 months to learn the cast album by heart – easy. The actual experience was incredible – I was definitely not disappointed. It was emotional to finally see the performance alongside the album I knew so well. Hamilton was an incredibly overwhelming experience, I can’t wait to see it again.

1.  Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour stands as my favourite show of the year. I loved the pace of the show, from the opening with a gorgeous choral number, breaking into a rock explosion with the girls letting loose. This was the most surprising piece of theatre of the year for me. I did not know anything about it before I went and I was so impressed. It was sentimental and sweet, but also punchy and proud.

2017 has been a brilliant year for theatre (especially empowering feminist productions!). I can’t wait to see more new writing and explore new venues in the new year. The last year has shown me what other venues other than the West End can offer and how exciting it is. I can’t wait to experience another Fringe! Bring on 2018…


One thought on “Review of 2017

  1. This year, I was house manager for four shows at my school-Little Shop of Horrors, Full Moon Over Montmartre, Real Inspector Hound, and God of Carnage.

    I tend to judge theatre each year off of the musicals I have seen. I have seen Little Shop of Horrors, Rent, and Les Mis. Little Shop while a wonderful production is a show I just have mixed feelings about and do not exactly love and like it some. Rent I have been waiting five years to see it live and I finally got the chance and it made me become a bigger fan of the musical. With Les Mis, my school took people to see it in Greenville and was my 5th time seeing it live and it was my 1st time seeing it on tour and my 1st time seeing the 25th anniversary production so it was like seeing it for the first time.


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