When I found seatplan.com I thought all my prayers had been answered. That was a few years ago and the website has definitely changed and adapted since then, adding even more features to the site. It’s primary purpose is to help you find the best theatre seats in London and other major cities across the UK . SeatPlan is made up of plenty of helpful reviews from its regular theatre-goer users who evaluate the view, legroom, and comfort of each seat in each theatre, simply uploading their review once they have enjoyed a show from that seat. You can now also book tickets through the SeatPlan website, saving money with countless offers on West End and Regional shows.

Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 22.44.24

You can search by show or venue to find out the optimum seat for you based on the people who have sat there before, in some cases there are pictures taken directly from that seat to show you what your view would be like. Each category (view, legroom, and comfort) is marked out of 5 and there is the option to leave comments about the experience also. A more recent feature allows you to also provide a mini review for the show that you have seen, allowing users to get greater insight from your personal theatre experience.

Other benefits from SeatPlan include the opportunity to be entered into a monthly competition for theatre tickets, as well as earning a monetary reward for each photo attached to your seat review, including ticket stub and/or view from the seat. Once your reward balance has reached £10 then it can be exchanged for theatre tokens. SeatPlan really is the sight that keeps on giving for theatregoers.

Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 22.43.15

One of my favourite aspects of the website is the fact that you can track your personal theatre experience journey.  On your profile page you can view where you stand amongst other SeatPlan contributors and your review rating distribution (to see if you’re a tough critic!). Most valuably for me, you can see your entire theatre timeline, which is very satisfying to look at! The only element of the site that I have not used is the opportunity to review the show that I have seen as I do not feel it’s necessary to my SeatPlan experience – but I also blog here so!

SeatPlan is the theatre website to check your seats before you book and to keep tabs on your own theatre journey. It’s super easy to use so the world of theatre is at your fingertips.


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