Shrek The Musical brings one of the greatest films of all time to life right in front of your eyes. The show acts as play-by-play of the movie as your favourite comedic moments are recreated with the hilarious addition of some original musical numbers. Featuring some wonderfully riotous mythical creatures, the beautiful and feisty Princess Fiona, the tiny antagonist Lord Farquaad, the famous duo Donkey and Dragon(!), and of course, Shrek himself. This musical adaption has everything the film has, and then some. Suitable for children and adults alike, Shrek is a hysterical show for all the family.

The Fairytale cast. Shrek the Musical UK and Ireland tour 2018. Credit Helen Maybanks
The Cast of Shrek – Photo Credit for all images: Tristram Kenton

If you really need a synopsis of Shrek then I urge you to go and watch the film (or musical!) ASAP. But basically… Shrek the fabulous Scottish ogre goes on a mission with the exhaustingly energetic Donkey to rid his swamp of the fairytale creatures that have been sent there by Lord Farquaad. Lord Farquaad agrees to the deal as long as Shrek undertakes the quest to save the Princess Fiona who is locked in the tallest room in the tallest tower, of a castle guarded by a dragon, surrounded by a lake of lava. Of course the original and dynamic fairytale ends with true love’s first kiss, but with the least expecting couple!

Steffan Harri and Amelia Lily in Shrek the Musical UK and Ireland tour 2018. Credit Tristram Kenton (2).jpg

The whole cast is entirely and relentlessly animated and enthusiastic, bringing all your well known fairytale creatures to life whilst tap dancing and singing their hearts out. Shrek is played by Steffan Harri, he carries the show along nicely albeit possibly playing it a little safe by following directly in the shadow of Mike Myers’ authoritative vocal performance in the 2001 film. Marcus Ayton plays Donkey, again, following his predecessors approach – but maybe the characters should just be left how they originally were? – Amelia Lily’s Princess Fiona is a little more original as her character is fleshed out to include her puppet friends with the personas of other classic princesses. The highlight of this trio has to be the musical number “Who I’d Be” at the end of Act One which explains Shrek’s dream of being a hero despite it not being the typical storyline for an ogre. But the highlight of the show has to be Lord Farquaad played by Samuel Holmes who spends the entire musical on his knees. Holmes is the perfect villain and gets all the laughs from the adults in the room, he is delightfully evil and yet incredibly charismatic.

Shrek is everything you expect from an adaptation of the Dreamworks classic and more. This pantomime-esque show has the charm and wit of the movie with the added bonus of delicious musical numbers, dancing, glitz and glamour. A terrific musical for all the family, and there’s a dragon… what more can you want?


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