Review of 2017

I have been extremely fortunate to see some wonderful theatre in 2017. From starting my year in New York seeing Waitress on Broadway; to seeing a variety of theatre in Canada which I would never otherwise have the opportunity to see; to experiencing my first Edinburgh Festival Fringe; to ballet and opera; and finally, the … Continue reading Review of 2017


Review: Groundhog Day

As soon as I heard the announcement of Groundhog Day¬†opening at the Old Vic, I knew I had to get tickets to see this exciting new musical. Based on the 1993 film of the same name, I was looking forward to seeing how the venturesome concept of the film would be adapted for the stage. … Continue reading Review: Groundhog Day

Review: In the Heights

In the Heights is an explosion of movement and colour which immediately engages and exhilarates. With music and lyrics by the massively hyped Lin-Manuel Miranda, this Tony Award winning hit is not to be missed. Currently playing at the King's Cross Theatre after a run at the Southwark Playhouse in 2014, the show shares the … Continue reading Review: In the Heights

Review: Titanic

Titanic the Musical happens to be one of the first musicals that I was involved with as a kid, I played the Bell Boy in a local production in my area and I have been besotted with it ever since. Performing such an emotional musical took it's toll every night and when I found out … Continue reading Review: Titanic

What’s in my theatre bag?

When going to the theatre it's important to carry certain items incase of emergency. This is especially necessary if you're waiting in a day seat queue for an extended amount of time ¬†for tickets. So I've compiled a list of everything that is in my bag for a theatre day out! Water - stay hydrated! … Continue reading What’s in my theatre bag?

Review: Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde at the Curve Theatre in Leicester is an absolute hit. Legally Blonde is a fantastically fun show which makes you want to dance in the aisles. The musical is based on the 2001 film of the same name, where Malibu sorority girl Elle Woods sets out to prove she is 'Serious' to her … Continue reading Review: Legally Blonde

How To Make The West End Affordable

There is nothing like live theatre, the talent right in front of you, and being in the moment is indescribable. When you see a good piece of theatre it can stay with you forever. But as we all know, theatre can be expensive and therefore can be quite inaccessible to some. If I had a … Continue reading How To Make The West End Affordable

A Theatre Day Out: The Guide

Heading to London for a theatre day out can be a daunting experience and make for a long and stressful day, whether you have your tickets in hand or are queueing for day seats it can be difficult to think of something to do while waiting for a show to start. If you are queueing … Continue reading A Theatre Day Out: The Guide

Review of 2015

2015 was a busy year for me for theatre. It started with my first ever visit to Phantom of the Opera in January, which was a treat and had me singing in the shower for weeks. Then The Railway Children at the King's Cross Theatre which was an exciting prospect, in terms of the layout … Continue reading Review of 2015