Review of 2017

I have been extremely fortunate to see some wonderful theatre in 2017. From starting my year in New York seeing Waitress on Broadway; to seeing a variety of theatre in Canada which I would never otherwise have the opportunity to see; to experiencing my first Edinburgh Festival Fringe; to ballet and opera; and finally, the … Continue reading Review of 2017


Blogger Update: The Theatrical Event

After eight wonderful months, my time in Canada is nearly at an end. I have seen some brilliant theatre and some even more theatrical non-theatre events. From dance shows and burlesque performances to my first ice hockey game, from black box theatre and experimental design to the huge venue at the NAC, it's definitely been … Continue reading Blogger Update: The Theatrical Event

Parliament of Canada Tour and Parliamentary Questions

As someone living in Canada for a limited amount of time, especially living in the capital of Ottawa, it was a necessity for me to take a tour around the Parliament of Canada while I was here. There were tours available in large groups, but fortunately I knew someone working there who was able to … Continue reading Parliament of Canada Tour and Parliamentary Questions

Red Bull Crashed Ice

Foreword: As an English person studying in Canada, it's obligatory to attend ice skating events. I've frequently made the mistake of calling hockey 'ice hockey' since being here - which apparently is a massive faux pas, as hockey is meant to be played on ice and 'field hockey' is different... Anyway, The Red Bull Crashed … Continue reading Red Bull Crashed Ice

The Ghomeshi Effect

Foreword: The Ghomeshi Effect is a dance-theatre performance at the Gladstone Theatre from 19th-28th January and then at the Shenkman Arts Centre on 2nd February. Taking its name from the trial of Jian Ghomeshi, the piece challenges ideas about sexual violence in Canada and how the justice system handles it. I am very much looking forward … Continue reading The Ghomeshi Effect

Countries Shaped Like Stars

Foreword: Countries Shaped Like Stars is a piece created and performed by Nicolas Di Gaetano and Emily Pearlman, directed by Patrick Gauthier. From the eccentric and elusive description, detailing the names of the characters and some quirky examples of what to expect from the performance, it looks to be an experimental and exciting piece of theatre. _________________________ The show … Continue reading Countries Shaped Like Stars